Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Last week, I went to Wakarusa (http://www.wakarusa.com/). Having never been and not knowing much about it, I must admit, there are definitely parts of it that I miss. In no particular order:

  • People seem so normal in everyday life.

  • People wear a lot of clothes in everyday life. (I still catch myself looking for the random topless person walking by.)

  • The lighting in everyday life is boring. There aren't any glowing objects, no LED hula-hoops, and no blinking lights.

  • It is generally frowned upon to drink in the morning or early afternoon in everyday life, not at Waka. (Despite how this statement sounds, I actually only had one alcoholic beverage the whole trip.)

  • I took far less pictures of concerts than I expected to, even though I could have pushed my way to the front with my camera and done so, the crowds were visually more appealing than the performers.

  • The drive back seemed a lot easier than the drive up. I drank energy drinks on the way up, and didn't drink any on the way back, I think there's something to that.

  • I really want to do more light painting photography.